Emblem of the 36th (Ulster) Division Memorial, LOL 1914, City of Leicester Orange Lodge
Emblem of the 36th Ulster Division
36th (Ulster) Division Memorial, L.O.L 1914,
City of Leicester
The meeting was well attended by Brethren from all over the Midlands Province and it is hoped that the new lodge will attract many new members.
The lodge asked and where given permission to use the same name as LOL 977 in Belfast as a mark of respect to the brave men of the 36th (Ulster) Division.
The story of 977 goes back to Seaford Military Camp in Sussex where the 36th (Ulster) Division were completing their training prior to being posted to France and the fateful 'Battle of The Somme'.
Military warrant 862 was obtained from the Grand Orange Lodge of England and meetings were regularly held near the camp. When the division was disbanded at the end of The Great War, the military warrant was returned to the Grand Orange Lodge of England.

On return to their native Ulster the men of the former military lodge decided to form a memorial Orange Lodge in memory of all those 'Brave Ulster Boys' who gave their all for King and Country. On the 5th May 1919 the warrant 977 was granted to the 36th (Ulster) Division Memorial L.O.L., sitting under the authority of No. 3 District L.O.L. in Belfast.
The members of the new lodge in Leicester are keen to keep the link between England and the 36th (Ulster) Division and are hopeful of joining LOL 977 on parade whenever the opportunity arises.
The Red Hand and the Winning Hand
Upcoming Events

Worshipful Master & Officers of 36th (Ulster) Division Memorial, City of Leicester L.O.L 1914
Opening of a new lodge in Leicester
Over the past few of years there has been a steady and sustained growth of membership within the Grand Orange Lodge of England.
Further proof of this growth was evident on the 21st August 2011 when a new lodge opened in Leicester.
LOL 1914, the 36th (Ulster) Division Memorial was opened by the officers of the West Midlands district and the warrant handed over to the newly installed officers of LOL 1914.
By Fraser Tailby,
Midlands Provincial Grand Secretary GOLE
Emblem of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland
The Red Hand Of Ulster
Richard and David Glasgow 2014

Richard and David Glasgow 2014

"When I saw the Ulstermen emerge through the smoke and form up as on parade I could hardly believe my eyes. Then I saw them attack, beginning at a slow walk over no man's land and then suddenly let loose as they charged over the two front lines of the enemy trenches shouting 'NO SURRENDER !' " - The Times.
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36th Ulster bids farewell to Belfast 08th May 1915ThievpaalK Coy Photograph